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Samstag, 3. Mai 2014, 13:00

DM800se: Newnigma2 v4.0.......

Newnigma2 team proudly presents:

Newnigma2 v4.0.10

############################################################ #########


  • Enigma2 4.0: 14.03.2014
  • Enigma2 Plugins: 01.05.2014
  • Newnigma2 Plugins: 01.05.2014

DM 800 HD se

  • driver: 28.12.2013
  • secondstage: 88
  • kernel: 3.2.56

changelog E2 14.03.2014:

  • updated translations
  • added some audio/video type extensions

changelog E2 19.02.2014:

  • finally fixed baltic teletext subtitles
  • added usage config entry to switch back to old teletext subtitle charset selection
  • some small changes to improve list displaying with hd skins (thanks to zombi)

changelog E2 14.02.2014:

  • small mediaplayer position query fix
  • fixed memory leak on ts streaming from network sources
  • dont lookup other transponder SDT during service scan by default, add a (expert) config option to reenable it
  • (imho its needed for dish network scan only... but breaks service descriptions on some other satellites)
  • fixed possible crash on enigma2 shutdown/restart
  • teletext subtitles changes by Arvo Järve (thanks for that!)
  • add fallback handling to detect subtitle language for providers
    which not correctly implement the national option subset in the page
  • (fixes subtiles on some baltic countries)
  • added cyrillic charsets
  • (e.g. fixes teletext subtitles on russian services)
  • new skin option: progress_pointer

Notice: Update from v4.0.x to 4.0.10 only possible by updating via console.


  • Added: Skin Evolution-HD by Kerni (thx)
  • Added: newnigma2.Kerni.PanTV-HD by Kerni (thx)
  • Added: Kerni.Gnome-HD by Kerni (thx)
  • Added: VideoDB V2.2 by Dr.Best (click here for more information) (thx)
  • Added: mediaportal
  • Added: swapmanager
  • Added: wget
  • Added: stat
  • Added: weathercomponent (needed for some skins)
  • Added: eventposition (needed for some skins)
  • Added: reftopiconname (needed for some skins)
  • Added: ledmanager (be carefully changed source="ButtonGreentext" to source="key_green") screen for skinner
  • Added: Black-Box.HD.ME (32bit skin)
  • Added: cryptsetup more information
  • Added: newnigma2-servicerestart: restart services via gui, like init.d, if telnet is not reachable screen for skinner
  • Added: free space check's before installing or upgrade packages
  • Added: min free flash space is 3mb for installing/upgrading some packages
  • Added: improve network connectivity check in newnigma2 installer
  • Added: new skin option: progress_pointer (since E2 14.02.2014 possible) screen for skinner
  • Added:readded extendedinfobar
  • Bugfix: Rebuild Picon handling/loading/caching (less memory consumption)
  • Bugfix: Newnigma2 Services fix getPNG cache failure (memoryleak)
  • Bugfix: Improved onlineinstaller cache handling (sometimes strange screen output)
  • Bugfix: neutrino keymap
  • Bugfix: newnigma2.Kerni.PanTV-HD icons
  • Bugfix: Caid Renderer didn't close and properly
  • Bugfix: for loading wrong or no newnigma2 service menu png's
  • Bugfix: loosing picon value in servicelist after using configsaver
  • Bugfix: for not shown all skins in nenwigma2 installer skin section, like tikila skins
  • Bugfix: prevent of loading skin_infobar_wetter.xml on other skins then "newnigma2-" skins
  • Bugfix: broken gui installer
  • Update: Some improvements on our onlineinstaller
  • Update: znc to version 1.2
  • Update: openvpn to version 2.3.2
  • Update: german translation
  • Update: mediaportal to version 5.2.1
  • Update: added weatherfunction only for newnigma2-HD inforbar
  • (blue button -> newnigma2 services -> osd function -> weather infobar -> on)
  • Update: picon renderer. create piconSList dir for servicelist picons.
  • Removed: we have removed non working plugins. most of them are integrated in mediaportal.
  • Removed: keymanger plugin from image. It's still available from our feed.

Info: since release of e2 v. 3.2 there is no dm7025 support yet. that's what dmm said.

Multiboot: No support for multiboot. Not planned. No need for such a tool.

GP3wizard: No support for gp3wizard. Probably not running. Not needed in Newnigma2 environment.

Important changes:

1. Install picons on USB-Drives:

press menu button -> setup -> system -> storage devices ->
then press red button for initialize (be carefully all your data will be
erased). last step is to mount the device.

next step: press blue button -> newnigma2 services -> sytsem tools
-> expert settings -> change opkg ignore USB/HDD from yes to no.
Restart enigma2 und install picons on your usb device.

2. network configuration:

If the IP address assigned manually, as well as the address of the DNS server must be entered.

press menu button -> setup -> system -> network -> adapter settings

3. install or upgrading:

before installing/upgrading packages, we now check if at least are 3mb free space in flash.

ipk's/packages from the newnigma2 team has a value which says the installer the minimum needed space for

the package. if the min required space is not available than the installation aborts.

!! Attention enigma2 ipk needs at least 9mb !!

4. issue due upgrade to v4.0.10:

if you have troubles by upgrading to v4.0.10 even no 9mb free space for the enigma2 package, so

you can first upgrade the newnigma2 installer package. After reboot try to upgrade again via gui, the installer

ignore's now the 9mb needed from the package and uses instead the value you set in

"blue button -> newnigma2 services -> system tools -> expert settings -> min. free space".

Wichtige Änderungen:

1. Picons auf USB-Laufwerken/der internen Festplatte installieren:

USB-Laufwerk über "Menü > Einstellungen > System > Speichergeräte" initialisieren und anschließend mounten"

"blaue Taste > Newnigma Services > System Werkzeuge > Experten
Einstellungen > Opkg ignoriere USB/HDD = nein > E2 Neustart und
anschließend auf USB installieren"

2. Netzwerk Konfiguration:

"Menü > Einstellungen > System > Netzwerk > LAN oder WLAN > Adapter Einstellungen"

Wird die IP-Adresse manuell konfiguriert so muss zwingend auch die Adresse des DNS-Servers eingetragen werden.

3. Installation oder Update des System:

Es müssen nun mindestens 3 MB freier Flashspeicher zur Verfügung stehen um Installationen/Updates vorzunehmen.

Vor Installation eines ipk's vom newnigma2 team, wird geprüft, ob für dieses Paket noch genügend freier Speicher vorhanden ist.

Sollte das nicht der Fall sein, bricht die Installation ab.

!!Achtung das enigma2 Paket benötigt min 9MB!!

4. Bei Problemen mit dem Update auf v4.0.10:

Sollte das Update auf v4.0.10 nicht funktionieren, weil dem enigma2
Paket keine 9MB zur Verfügung stehen, so ist zuerst der newnigma2
installer zu aktualisieren.

Nach anschließendem reboot kann man den Upgradevorgang via gui
fortsetzen. Dabei wird der Check des freien Speichers beim Upgrade auf
den Wert gesetzt, der unter

"blaue Taste -> Newnigma Services -> System Werkzeuge -> Experten Einstellungen -> min. free space" eingestellt ist.


Newnigma2 Team


Dreambox 7080 - Xtrend 8500 - VU+ Duo2 - VU+ Zero

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